Historical Bill Comparison

Non-utility energy service companies, also called retail suppliers ("ESCO" or “Marketers"), are able to supply natural gas at unregulated market-based prices. An individual can choose an energy supplier from among these companies or can continue to purchase natural gas from National Fuel.
This historical bill comparison tool allows a New York National Fuel customer to compare the bill received for natural gas supplied by the marketer over the past 12 months to the bill that would have been received if the gas supply had been provided by National Fuel. The feature is designed only for those customers for whom National Fuel prepares the bill. If a marketer issues its own bills, a customer can contact them for the total billing amounts for applicable months.
In our continuing effort to keep your account information safe, National Fuel requires you enter some account information to verify your account. Please choose either a 7 or 9 digit account number, then enter the information requested to view your historical rates.